Monday, 24 September 2012

Trippy Wicked Tour Dates Oct-Dec 2012

October - Tour with Wight
12th Immerhin Wurzburg Germany  
13th AKZ Metzgerstraße Hanau Germany  
14th Oetinger Villa Darmstadt Germany  
15th Live on Radio Unerhört Marburg Germany  
16th Les Combustibles Paris France  
17th Jimmy's pub Strasbourg France  
18th Hühnermanhattan Halle Germany  
19th White Trash Fast Food Berlin Germany  
20th Rock the Hall Festival Mitwitz Germany FB link
October - Tour with Groan
23th The Wheatsheaf Oxford UK FB link
24th The Bay Horse Manchester UK FB link
25th Passion Rocks Sunderland UK FB link
26th Royal Park Cellars, no Groan :( Leeds UK FB link
27th The Black Heart London UK FB link
3rd Venomfest III - The Anvil Bournemouth UK FB link
17th Club 85 Hitchin UK FB link
8th The Underworld London UK  

Monday, 17 September 2012

Gurt - You Ain't From Around These Parts EP

Any follower of GURT's actions will have noticed that this year has meant a significant line up change within the band with Jamie McCathie (Guitar) and John Hughes (Bass) exiting the band at the end of 2011 to travel to foreign pastures to live. This has meant that new recruits in the form of Rich Williams on guitar (of Sedulus fame) and David Blakemore on Bass (who has filled in on previous gigs) have taken up the challenge of replacing 2 of the founding members…. And WHAT A JOB THEY HAVE DONE!!

Anyone who has had the chance to see the new Version 2.0 of GURT will now see how well the 4 have connected and a new found energy has been used into producing a brand NEW EP for all to hear before 2012 is over! In order to complete the transition in an interesting way this recording of songs will feature both Jamie and Rich on guitar duties and will feature 5 members on the songs featured...

The You Ain't From Around These Parts EP features:

  1. 1: (Pre) Verted (Intro)
  2. 2: You Ain’t From Around These Parts?
  3. 3: Inverted Pill Willy (Wollop)

Pre-orders are available now from ahead of release in early November and will only be available on CD format produced independently by the band.

As well as the CD release you can order a special Edition Release pack which features:

A copy of the You Ain't From Around These Parts EP CD.
A special edition T-shirt featuring Front and Back design.
A Limited Edition woven patch featuring the Band logo.
A sticker and badge pack based around the New artwork.

Watch the Trailer for the new release that details whats featured in the Special Editon Pack below: