Friday, 27 July 2012

Trippy Wicked - I Want Another Drink Beer Glass Pre-Order

We thought it would be cool to knock up a few beer glasses in honour of one of our personal favourite songs from the album, I Want Another Drink. And there they are, "I Want Another Drink" on one side (hey, who doesn't?) and the Trippy logo on the other.

So here's the deal; the pre-order will run for one week from Friday 27th July to Friday 3rd August. The glasses will take about two weeks from then to make and we'll ship 'em out as soon as we've got them.

Once the pre-order has closed then that's it. We'll only make as many as we have orders for so get your order in quick sharp.

The glasses hold a pint. A pint of booze, a pint of milk, a pint of whatever the hell your favourite tipple is.

Order your glass here.