Friday, 1 June 2012

British Underground 003: Steak

London stoner fuzz outfit have recently self released their first EP, Disastronaught. One of the awesome things about this is that while the musical influence is straight from the desert, there is a futuristic kinda post-apocalyptic concept running through it. You'll need to pick up a hard copy from the band to read the full introduction to this story though.

Give us a brief history of the band
It seems like a lifetime ago when we started the band, but probably formed in around 2007. Me, Kip and Cam discussed the idea a few years before and every time we would get drunk we would say we would get it together. Anyway, we finally got around to a band practice minus a drummer. We started doing covers and our very first practice was spent doing a couple of really bad Sabbath covers. We realised we needed a drummer to try and hide the horrible noise we were all making. Large had agreed to drum for the band and we were off and The Ebbs were born (bad name choice and I am not explaining the meaning!) We did have another guitarist for a while but seemed to work out better with the 4 of us. We done one gig, butchering covers and then moved on to butchering our own songs... We had a name change and a batch of new songs and things have started to go the right way. We have released our first E.P since we started in 2007 so that says it all!

What are some of your favourite British underground bands, past or present?
Orange Goblin are an obvious choice for us. They just seem a bit like a Stoner Rock Motorhead to me and long may it continue. Ben Ward is like the godfather of the British Underground as far as I'm concerned. There seems to be a real buzz about the stoner/doom scene in Britain at the moment. There are so many talented bands around and when you look at the Desertfest 2012 line up you can see what I mean, Trippy Wicked, Dopefight, Sedulus, Diesel King, there are too many to name and all great British bands. I personally listened to a lot of early Pink Floyd years ago and loved the obscure shit they would do. The double album ummagumma is just ridiculus.

What are your plans for the future?
We are recording our second E.P this winter for release early next year. We have been really happy with the response from Disastronaught and think it's motivated us. The new stuff I feel is another step up. We are using the same artist and expanding on the whole comic book story of STEAK. Each E.P will be another edition of the story. We are thinking about releasing both E.P's on a 12" record which will give the artist more space to create a comic or maybe an actual comic with the double E.P. We are hoping the physical records will be really collectable items.

Where's the best place people can keep up with what you are up to?
Steak on Facebook
Steak on Bandcamp

If you like this and want to find some more great new bands there's a whole series about the British underground scene.

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