Friday, 25 May 2012

Gurt Collection Coming Soon, On Tape.

Do you still drive a crappy old car that still has a tape player? Still got the same old NWA, Michael Jackson and Roxette tapes kicking around that are all stretched and warped? Well it's time to update your collection with the first tape release on Superhot Records; The Gurt Collection.

Volume 1 on one side, Redwin on the other (both CD editions now sold out) and a some unreleased stuff to boot. Limited to 50 copies, this is some of the heaviest, filthiest UK sludge around at the moment. The Gurt Collection will be released on Monday 4th June and will be available in the Superhot Records Store and also direct from Gurt's BigCartel Page.

You can hear Volume 1 and Redwin on the players below.

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