Wednesday, 16 May 2012

British Underground 002: Mother Corona

Our series delving into the awesome British underground scene continues with Mother Corona, heavy psychedelic rock from Didcot, Oxforshire.

Mother Corona have followed up their 2010 self-titled EP with Out of the Dust (listen above), the band's debut full length album. Out of the Dust was released 27th April 2012 on their own Button Mushroom label.

Buy the CD direct from the band here.

Over to the guys...

Give us a brief history of the band
We formed in 2008 in coming out of our previous band Nable, we had a few lineups including different members on different instrements, but then we found our bass player rob in 2009 he was only 16 at the time and we haven't looked back. since then we have gigged up and down the country, released our self titled ep in 2010, and have just released our debut lp "Out Of The Dust" on our own label Button Mushroom.

What are some of your favourite British underground bands, past or present?
Desert Storm, Undersmile, Agnes Pike, Komrad, Dopefight, Trippy Wicked, Gurt, Diesel King, Steak......and in the past......Acrimony, Electric Wizard, Sextodecemo, Jor, Orange Goblin, Cathedral.....there are lots and lots!!

What are your plans for the future?
To get bigger gigs! We have paid our dues by playing empty pubs and stuff, so now we want to just throw our selves out there and get bigger shows. We have a gig in September at the Anvil in Brighton supporting Karma to Burn which shall be killer!!!

Where's the best place people can keep up with what you are up to?
At the moment it will probably be Facebook just due to the fact that every mother fucker is on there!! but we are always doing gigs out and about, come to a show and have a beer with us! our gigs are like parties and that's the way it should be!

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