Thursday, 8 March 2012

Stone Axe, Stubb, Trippy Wicked Tour April 2012

Well here it is, the current tour schedule for the Stone Axe, Stubb and Trippy Wicked & The Cosmic Children of the Knight European Tour 2012

There's one more date to fill and once that's sorted this page will be updated.

April 5th
Scruffy Murphys - Birmingham, England with Cultura Tres, Alunah and Banda De La Muerte
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April 6th
Desertfest - London, England
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April 7th
The Old Hairdressers - Glasgow, Scotland with Low Sonic Drift
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April 8th

April 9th
The Star and Garter - Manchester, England
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April 10th
The Rambler - Eindhoven, Netherlands | Songkick

April 11th
Immerhin - Wurzburg, Germany | Songkick

April 12th
AJZ - Bielefeld, Germany with DAIKAIJU | Songkick

April 13th
Oetinger Villa - Darmstadt, Germany
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April 14th
The Vortex - Siegen, Germany
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