Friday, 30 December 2011

The Mix Eclectic 1

Heads up: If you get offended by music without heavily distorted guitars then please read no further.

I hear a lot of awesome music through friend's recommendations, films and random discoveries on the internet. I'm gonna consolidate the best right here and share the wealth. Not all of it is on the heavy side and some of it is as far away from rock or metal as you can get.

So this is an invitation to step off the well trodden path and hear something a little different.

If you wanna just get straight on and hear the music I made a Spotify playlist right here and there's a YouTube playlist here or just click the video on the right.

1. Miami Spider, Gallops

No idea how I heard about these guys but this track is great. It's got some slightly angular rhythms but maintains a solid groove. I've heard a Battles comparison mentioned a few times but I much prefer these guys. They've got more hooks and there's a cool kinda 8 bit synth fade out at the end.
Gallops on Bandcamp

2. St James Infirmary, Josh White

This is one of THOSE songs. I get goosebumps every time I hear it. My mum told me recently they have this on 45 back at my folk's house. I'm gonna have to get hold of that sometime then!

3 The Gospel Singer, Lydia Lunch

This song contains some of my favourite lyrics ever and the whole EP is incredible. It's some of the dirtiest sexiest music I've ever heard. The live groove of the band, that voice and the lyrics are utter filth. I think this might actually be my favourite thing that I've heard this year.
Lydia Lunch Website

4. Distant Lights, Burial

Distant Lights is from Burial's self titled first album. This guy knows how to make creepy music and he creates atmospheres similar to this song all over his first two records. Listen to that bass, pure evil.

5. Work Song, Dan Reeder

These are the lyrics:

"I got all the fuckin' work I need"

There you go. That's it. The first song of his I heard was the hilarious Food and Pussy but the simplicity of this one just gets me. He makes his own instruments as well. What a dude.
Dan Reeder Website

6. Another Night in the City, High Spirits

I heard of this record via a review on Invisible Oranges and I loved it from the instant I heard it. It's got a retro 80s rock and metal vibe without getting cheesy or tongue in cheek and is the work of one guy, Chris Black. This dude clearly knows how to write a song and the understated vocal harmonies are amazing.
High Spirits on Facebook

7. Blue Jeans, Lana Del Rey

If you read the internet you'll have heard of Lana Del Rey. Hell, even if you don't read the internet you'll have heard of her. Well forget the hype for now, forget the hate, forget the lips and just listen to the song. It's great.
Lana Del Rey Website

8. Matty Groves, Alela Diane (Feat Alina Hardin)

This is a lovely version of the classic folk ballad Matty Groves with some great 2 part vocal harmonies.
Alela Diane Website

9. An Ending (Ascent), Brian Eno

I don't actually know that much about Mr Eno but I do know this is a gorgeous piece of ambience and a suitably mellow ending to this first collection.
Brian Eno Website

So there you go that's the first of the Mix Eclectic series. I Hope you enjoyed it and found something new. I'll be doing this once a month or every few weeks so check back soon.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Trippy Wicked: The Coventry Carol

Here's our Christmas gift to you; The Coventry Carol by Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight. Enjoy the video and if you really dig the song you can download it from here.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Stubb: Debut Album Out February 2012

Well hello and welcome to Superhot Records.

This has been a long time coming so I'm just gonna get straight on with it. I am very proud to announce that Superhot Records is now GO and will be releasing the debut album by British psych rock power trio Stubb on 6th February 2012.

In late 2010 the band headed to Dropout Studios in London, England and laid down 8 tracks of fuzzed out modern salutes to the good old days; straight up rock songs recorded mostly live in an basement studio manned by Tim Cedar of Part Chimp. After touring with Stone Axe in April 2011 Tony Reed of Mos Generator and Stone Axe fame was put in charge of mixing and mastering and even makes a guest appearance.

In March/April 2012 Stubb will head out on the road again with Stone Axe and fellow Britons Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight for a 2 week UK/Mainland European tour. The band will also make an appearance at London's Desertfest on Friday 6th April.

There's the front cover over on the right and just below is a video containing the album track Scale the Mountain.