Saturday, 5 July 2014

Hello Dr CRAZY

Please say hello to Dr CRAZY, a brand new international heavy rock n roll band featuring Mazz (Groan) on vocals, Chris West (ex Trippy Wicked) on guitar and bass, and Tony Reed (Mos Generator) on drums.

The band's first EP Demon Lady gets a digital release through Superhot Records and is available with immediate effect from the band's Bandcamp:

Demon Lady serves up just over 14 minutes of straight up good time heavy rock and will appeal to fans of AC/DC, Dr Feelgood, Deep Purple and generally having a good time. The band commissioned Justin T Coons to paint the fantastic 70s pulp fiction inspired artwork based on the title track.

Live shows have not been ruled out but with one third of the band being based on a different continent to the others they won't be happening soon. Dr CRAZY are currently working on demos for next EP which will be out as soon as it's ready.

Friday, 28 February 2014

Superhot Records on Spotify

Don't forget that all our releases are available from the major streaming services including Spotify.

If you want to keep up with the bands and get notified when they have new releases out hit the "follow" button below and Spotify will do the rest.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Everything You Need to Know About Stubb + an Interview with Jack Dickinson

Two years ago today we released our first record, the self titled retro rock debut by British power trio Stubb. With modest press coverage the guitar solo splattered record spoke for itself and has nearly sold out of its vinyl and CD editions. This is the release we cut our teeth on. The learning curve was steep and the stories of some of the lessons we learned will remain forever untold.

As today marks the two year anniversary of that first release and because Stubb recently recorded their second album it's time to have a brief look at the history of the band and then catch up with main man Jack Dickinson. Dickinson may be the only remaining original member of the band but his wild solos, raucous vocals and straight-up heavy rock song-writing are the defining sound of Stubb.

(Full disclosure: I was a member of Stubb from 2009 – 2013).

Stubb started in 2006 with Jack Dickinson on guitar and vocals, Isa Brun├Ącker on bass and Aaron O'Sullivan on drums. In early 2007 they recorded and released their first demo and began to play live in the UK. Dropout Sessions featured 3 raw bluesy songs that would later appear, slightly reworked, on the debut album.

Following a period of inactivity after Brun├Ącker and O'Sullivan had left the band, Pete Holland and Chris West (both members of Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight) took up respective positions on bass and drums in late 2009.

Life was busy for Stubb from early 2011 onwards. The band toured Europe twice with Stone Axe. The first tour led to Stone Axe mastermind Tony Reed (Stone Axe, Mos Generator) being brought on board to mix and master the album and the second of these, in 2012, included a set at the inaugural Desertfest in London.

February 6th 2012 saw the release of the band's self-titled debut album on CD and vinyl, the latter presented in a gatefold sleeve adorned with a beautiful panoramic of the British countryside in summer. As well as being the first band on Superhot Records, Stubb were also the first to take part in the Superhot Sessions where the label invites a band to the studio to be filmed and recorded playing live. The band performed a reworked version of Hard Hearted Woman.

Later in 2012 Stubb recorded 2 new songs, Under a Spell and Bullets Rain. Heavier and darker than the album these two cuts were well suited for a 7" release. Stone Stallion Records obliged and on 13th March 2013 the bright blue record was released.

The band has since gone through another personnel change with West being replaced by Tom Fyfe (Olde Crone) on drums. Soon after, the new line up signed a deal with Ripple Music and then at the end of January 2014 Stubb spent just under a week at Skyhammer Studio laying down the songs that will form their second full length album. An album that the many fans of the debut have been calling for.

Interview with Jack Dickinson:

Can you describe how this record will compare to the debut in terms of songs and sounds and have you brought in any new influences to the band?

It was a long time ago now that I wrote the songs for the first album so these new songs offer more of an idea of where I'm at right now. The influences are essentially the same as what they have always been but I never stop listening to music so I'm always soaking up new ideas. Sound wise I've tried to get some early Peter Green Fleetwood Mac tones in there as my kind of tribute to someone who I think was one of the greatest guitar players ever and never quite got the credit he deserved, there's also a bit of Santana sound in there who I love. In terms of the songs some of the structures are a little more complex but never over complicated and the key thing I always think about is making them stick in peoples mind, if it isn't memorable it doesn't stay. Having a new band member has also had an influence as he's brought his own sound along as well as Pete who as always has added some cracking riffs into the mix and been key in getting the arrangements the way they are.

How was the recent recording session at Skyhammer studio?

Skyhammer was fantastic, they have a self catering house right next to the studio so you can concentrate 100% on recording as well as drinking a few beers. Chris Fielding was a great person to work with and really took the time to get the best out of us as well as making sure all of the sounds were bang on. We had a great time with all of the equipment too, I took along two different valve amps which I used but then I also got to record with a Matamp and various cabs and pedals to try and create some quite unique tones for each song. We also focused on getting a really strong drum sound, it came out sounding massive due to Fyfe's 26" kick drum and Ludwig kit, he also used various vintage snares for different sounds. The bass was a mix of clean tones through a cranked up amp and the use of a very cool Wooley Mammoth pedal to give it some dirt in the right places. I think we've managed to keep the live feel of the band as well as making sure it sounds like a three piece, both of which are important factors in the Stubb sound.

The new album will be released on Ripple Music, a great label with a great roster. How did this deal come about and do you have any idea of when the release date might be?

I'd been in contact with Ripple and they brought up that they were interested in putting out an album so the timing was good. Superhot did a brilliant job in getting our first album out and really went all out with it as a package as well as giving us the freedom to do it how we wanted to. Signing to Ripple gives us the chance to get our music out to more people and I have a good trust in how they operate, they are also huge music fans which is of major importance as they understand the love and time that goes into the music they release. Not sure on a release date yet, it's going to be mixed by Tony Reed of Mos Generator, Stone Axe etc and there's some artwork to send over so hopefully it'll be up to Ripple then.

Stubb has come a long way since the beginning in 2006 with you being the only remaining original member. How do you feel about the progression of the band?

I think the main thing is that if you believe in something you have to keep it going and I firmly believe in this band. It naturally progresses sound wise and I think the new album will show people even more sides to us that they might not have been aware of. I see no limits on what can be done, if you look back to the rock albums of the 60's and 70's which are a big influence to me they include a whole range of styles, on one album you might get heavy rock, blues, folk, country and so on. So don't be too surprised if we include something you might not immediately expect, we're into a wide range of music and any of that could rear its head at some point. I really enjoyed recording the Under a Spell 7" as it allowed us to explore a heavier sound with some heavier subjects in the lyrics and hopefully we'll do some other releases where we can explore different sounds in the future.

Can you describe some of your personal highlights since the band began?

Meeting people is one of the great things about being in a band and we've met some awesome folks. Touring with Stone Axe was great as they really helped to push us to new heights due to how brilliant they are on stage and as people. Playing at the first Desertfest will always be memorable as will The Trip Out which was a great custom bike an car show we played in the summer last year, that was pretty much my perfect set up. Amazing bikes and cars, amazing people, go-go dancers on stage and oil lights projected onto the tent roof, it felt like some sort of time warp back to the golden days of rock. Obviously other highlights are always when we release something as there's nothing more exciting than seeing music you've recorded being made into a big slab of vinyl.

Ok, enough of the past, what can we expect from Stubb over the next year or so?

Our next gig is in Hastings which is a new place for us to play so I'm sure that will be a good time. We're also booked for Freak Valley Festival in Germany which has an amazing lineup so far and we'll be looking at organising some kind of album launch with a few surprises in store. There should be plenty more gigs to come and hopefully we'll be back over in europe again.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

BongCauldron CDs

After a bit of a delay at the pressing plant we've finally got hold of the BongCauldron CDs.

And they are awesome!!!

Head over here to get a CD or download:

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

BongCauldron Gigs

BongCauldron are lining up a number of gigs in the UK for 2014 including a support slot with the legendary Corrosion Of Conformity in March and most importantly, their EP launch party in home town Leeds.

Check out the dates below and get yourself to one of the gigs if you're in the UK


  • 23rd Jan - Leeds - Fenton (EP Launch Party)
  • 24th Jan - London - The Black Heart
  • 25th Jan - Bradford - Vampire


  • 12th Feb - Manchester - Kraak Gallery w/ Slabdragger
  • 15th Feb - Barrow in Furness



Monday, 13 January 2014

BongCauldron EP - Available Now

The filthy 33 minute sludge beast of an EP by BongCauldron is released today.

Buy a CD or get a name your price download from the player below. The EP is also available on Spotify.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Pre-Order the BongCauldron EP Now!

As of right now you can pre-order the BongCauldron EP before the official release date of January 13th 2014 here:

This absolute beast of an EP will shred the flesh from your bones and you can experience it in it's entirety via an exclusive stream on the Terrorizer website here:

All sales come with a free download and you'll be emailed the download link on release date.